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Only those areas with red circles are trails we have documented. The other push pins have links to other sites that provide information about those hikes.
Also, try my link that shows lots of Central Florida hikes each documented by a true backpacking hiker known as Out in the Boonies.
 I created a graphical map presentation so you can see where each of his hikes are located on a map where you can proceed simply  by clicking on the hike icon.
Click here for my graphical map interface to Boonie Hikes. You can also go directly to his site by clicking here.
Juniper Springs FL TrailLake Monroe Red TrailWild Persimmon TrailSt. Francis TrailSeminold ForestRock Springs RunLake Proctor Wilderness AreaGeneva Wilderness AreaHontoon Island State ParkBlue Springs State Park HikingSabal PointHidden Waters PreserveLyonia PreserveEcon River Wilderness AreaLake Beresford Park

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