AT Geogia Segment 1 Day 1 Hike
Springer Mountain to Hawk Mtn Shelter (7.8 miles)

DAY 1 - Our group of 5 (myself Ron, my son Stacey, and friends Joe, Jill, and Eddie) self-shuttled by parking cars at specific gaps. Since this was our first AT hike we wanted to have extra dry clothes , water, and resupply food to try and reduce our already heavy backpacks.  Even with that, we varied between 30 and 35+ pound packs in our group.  We still vary on opinion about self shuttling, but in my opinion it costs too much in time to self shuttle, especially whith just a few days available.  It is also true that had we not self-shuttled, my son and I would have been in for two extra miseerable nights as we used hammocks and tried to get by with thin liners the first night on Springer Mtn.  Needless to say for my son and muyself our first night on Springer Mtn was miserable and we were glad we had a car with our supplies and sleeping bags at a gap before our next night.

Seg 1 Day 1 Hike

I am including out start from the trailhead parking to Springeer Mountain Shelter as part of day 1, although it is only about 1 mile to Springer Mountain Shelter. We had no problem with parking and although the hike up to Springer was just
abaout one mile, it was extremely steep and difficult. For those arriving to start their hike in the afternoon, this trailhead is an excellent option,.

Parking Springer Mtn Marquee Camp Arrival

Our group of five, Stacey, Joe, Jill, Eddit, and myself (Ron) with camp setup and ready to build a fire.  The Southern Terminus marker built into the rock is near what would be a fantastic view on a clear day. Unfortunately, this day was
a little cloudy, but for us Florida flatlanders, still provided a beautiful start to our fist day of our first segment of the Appalachain Trail.

Our party of 5 Mark of Southern Terminus to AT The View

The 7.8 mile hike from Springer to Hawk Mtn shelter was difficult for our first full day, providing varied wooded views. Here we reach Hawk Mtn shelter where there are plenty of areas around the shelter to setup tents as well as trees
to use our hammocks.  Eddie sits with a guy I secretly nicknamed "Duck Dynasty Man".  We met quite a few overnight hikers that we leap-frogged each day and eventually ended up with at each shelters.
Meeting other overnight campers was one of the many highlights of our adventure.

Trail to Gooch Gooch Shelter Eddie With another Hiker

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