AT Geogia Segment 1 Day 2 Hike
Hawk Mtn Shelter to Gooch Mtn Shelter (7.3 miles)

DAY 2 - Our hike bagan at Hawk Mtn Shelter and we trekked a very difficult 7.3 miles to Gooch Mtn Shelter, making it by late afternoon and extremely tired.  We made it to Gooch Mtn in plenty of time to setup camp and
relax before sunset, but the difficulty of this hike led us to believe that 7 to 8 miles with 30+ pound backpacks was just about all we cared to do for future planning, unless we can lightnen our load or the terrain is much less difficult.

AT Seg1 Day 2 Map

This day's hike had much more varied terrain with areas of lush forest along with the usual steep descnents and climbs.

To Gooch Stream  HikingHiking to Gooch 

The green forest canopy was very bright and over the course of this hike we crossed several streams. Water supply was never an issue during this May 16, 2015 hike.

to gooch To Gooch Lush Forest

After crossing this bridge over a large stream, we eventually maede it to Long Creek Falls, which is just before the climb to Gooch Mtn shelter. Long Creek falls is a beautiful area with large rocks to rest and regain your energy before
heading up to Gooch Mountain.

Bridge Fresh Stream Long Creek Falls

Long Creek Falls Long Creek Falls Long Creek Falls

Notice the large Black Snake in the center of the picture, one of our few wildlife encounters of the hike. The large knowhole in this tree definately caught our attention as well.

Snake Encounter Push to Gooch

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