AT Geogia Segment 1 Day 3 Hike
Gooch Mtn Shelter to Woody Gap and Cedar Mtn (5.0/6.0 miles)

DAY 3 - Our last day of hiking took us from Gooch Mtn Shelter to Woody gap where three in our party had planned on picking up their vehicles and heading home to Forida. That hike was 5.0 miles and was completed
around 1 p.m.  My son and I drove a couple of miles from Woody Gap 2.0 miles to Wolf Pen Gap Store, which has sandwiches and pizza as well as operating an overnight hostel. We found out the owner will also shuttle,
which we used a few months later when we returned for our second AT segment.  After devouring a pizza at the store, we drove back to Woody gap to hike the extra mile up Cedar Mtn to Preacher's Rock. Scroll down....

AT Seg1 Day 3 Map

Reading to break camp at Gooch Mtn after morning coffee, and then a fairly easy hike on our way to Woody Gap, sharing a large log to rest with other hikers we met from Atlanta area.  The camping spot was typical of quite a few places where you
could setup camp between shelters, with the only draw back being there usually wasn't water nearby.

Camp At Gooch  Perfect Rest SpotFreelance Camping 

As we neared our descent toward Woody Gap, the views between the trees bacam more spectacular. One last group pose before heading our separate ways.

Lush Views Woody Gap Final Group Shot

Badly needed calories at Wolfpen Gap Store before heading up Cedar Mtn from Woody Gap. The one mile climb to the top was fairly difficult, but we arrived at a great spot to camp behind Preacher's Rock overlook. The large boulder had a natural
rock overhang where others had made a huge firepit. This was our final night of camping and was our first time setting up camp with no other campers around.

Wolfpen Gap Pizza Ascent to Cedar Mtn Camp Near Preacher's Rock

Hammock Setup Preacher's Rock Pano 
The pano above was taken around 9 a.m. the next morning as we prepared to head back down to Woody gap and head home to the Orlando Florida area.  A great view to cap off a fantastic first segment of the Appalachian Trail.

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