Cumberland Island Hikes
Day 2 - Exploring The Island
Day 2 starts at our Yankee Paradise campsite where we hike a couple of miles to Plumb Orchard where we can get fresh water and veiw Plum Orchard Mansion. We spent close to an hour viewing the grounds before filling up with water and heading out toward Brickhill Campsite.  From Brickhill we headed over to the Atlantic coast and then several miles down the white sands before heading back inland to Yankee Paradise.

Exploring the Island

Soon after leaving camp we ran across a couple of wild horses with an estimated population of between 150 and 200. Horses on Cumberland Island have a relatively short life expectancy, due to pest infestations, disease and their rugged environment. We then arrive at Plum Orchard mansion where a caretaker took a good amount of time to present the history of the mansion although it was closed to touring.  Click here for more information about Cumberland Island, Plum Orchard mansion, and more.
Wild HorsesPlum Orchard 1Plum Orchard 2

From Plum Orchard we headed north toward Brickhill campground, crossing grassy land as well as small vehicle bridges crossing picturesque canals until we reach Brickhill Campsite

On to Brickhill CampsiteOn to Brickhill 2Brickhill

After a good rest at Brickhill Camp, we headed east toward the large white sand hills that lead over to the Atlantic beach that stretches miles north and south.  We are already tired as we head south to return to Yankee Paradise.
Brickhill 3Beach 1Beach 2

As we head back West toward Yankee Paradise, we ran across more varied and beautiful wet and marshy landscape.

West to Yankee 1West to Yankee 2

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