From the Top of Rim Vista Trail 

Carson National Forest, Overlooking Ghost Ranch and Abiquiu Dam
Rimvista Carson Forest Sign

Northwest from the overlook is a vast meadow on top of this plateau that appears to go on for miles:
Large Meadow at Top of Overlook

The view from the top is one of the most spectacular views we've seen in all our hikes around New Mexico. Toward the left of the picture gives a great view of the vaired colors along the rock bluffs which is not far from Echo Canyon. As you look toward the center in the flat background is the Ghost Ranch area, and to the far right you can ust make out Abiquiu Reservoir. The first picture is with Ron on a lone rock near the edge, while the following picture shows Randy a little more conservative when it comes to high places:
Ron at Overlook

Randy at Overlook
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